Ralph Brown Cited Narrative

¬† Ralph Cecil Brown 1913 - 1987 When Ralph Brown was born in 1913 in Lawrence, Ohio he was the 8th of 11 children [3]. The area of Ohio Ralph grew up in was known as Franklin Furnace, named after the furnace company built there in 1826 [7]. On February 8th, 1936 Ralph married Marie... Continue Reading →

Marie Ball Cited Narrative

Marie Louise (Ball) Brown 1919 - 2010 ¬†Marie Ball was born in 1919 in the Triadelphia Magisterial district of Logan, West Virginia [5]. She is the oldest of eight children, and her parents moved to Kentucky when she was only 4 [3]. Six years later, the family relocated to Haverhill, Ohio where Marie lived the... Continue Reading →

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