Census Records

1790: Time allotted to conduct the first US census was 9 months, but it ended up taking twice as long. The Original 1790 schedules were lost for Deleware, Georgia, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Virginia. The Census for Vermont was taken in 1791 when it became a state.

1800: Began in August, 1800 and took nine months. Original records were lost for Georgia, Kentucky, Missisippi, New Jersey, NW Territory, Tennessee, and Virginia.

1810: Enumerated 6 Aug 1810 and took ten months. Original records lost for Arkansas, DC, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee.

1820: Enumeration dated 1 August 1820 and finished in thirteen months. 16-18yr old males may have been counted twice (16-18 and 16-25). Original records lost for Arkansas, Missouri, New Jersey, Eastern Tennessee.

1830: Enumeration began 1 June 1830 and finished in twelve months. This is the first census where enumerators were given printed forms. Records missing for part of Maryland and Mississippi.

1840: Enumeration date was 1 June 1840 and took 18 months. No record loss!

1850: Enumeration dated 1 June 1850 and took five months. Records missing for parts of California and Texas. Utah was taken in April 1851.

1860: Enumeration dated 1 June 1860 and took five months. Missing were parts of Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

1870: Enumerated 1 June 1870 and took five months. No record loss!

1880: Enumeration date was 1 June 1880 and completed in one month. Included index for households with children under 11. No records for Alaska.

1890: Enumeration Date was 1 June 1890 and completed in 1 month. The records were almost completely destroyed in a fire. Surviving are Alabama, DC, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Dakota, Texas.

1900: Enumeration date 1 June 1900 and took 1 month. No record loss!

1910: Enumeration dated 15 April 1910. Completed in one month and no record losses.

1920: Enumeration dated 1 January 1920. Completed in one month and no record losses.

1930: Enumeration dated 1 April 1930. Completed in one month and no record losses.

1940: Enumeration dated 1 April 1940. Completed in one month and no record losses.

1950: To Be Released in 2022!

Non-Population Schedules including Agriculture, Industry, and Manufacturing were also conducted every 10 years to quantify resources needed. Social Statistics gathered from 1850 thru 1870 helped quantify information about communities. It includes detailed information on cemeteries, fraternal organizations, churches, newspapers. Additionally a Veteran’s Schedule in 1890 was conducted but also lost the great census fire.


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